Friday, August 21, 2009

My peach tree

I think it's been 2 or 3 years that I planted this peach trees, originally I planted 2 pear trees and 3 peach trees unfortunately only the peach trees survive and the 2 pear trees died. Last year, it bear plenty of fruit but becuase of the wind many fell down and there were 5 of the fruit left. This year it bear 11 fruits and thankfully none fall down YET. So I asked hubby to put a longer stick to hold the small tree when the wind hit. I remember last year my peaches has a distinct sweetness that some peaches don't have I just hope that it's still the same this year. Here are the pictures I took while I was wandering outside...


Clarissa said...

Meron pala kayong peach tree sa inyo,Ate Kim!! may tanim na blueberry sa bukid ng tralala ang FIL ko!Nakain mo na ba ang harvest mo this year,Ate Kim?^_^

iamhoney said...

wish we could plant that here in Philippines hehe

Manang Kim said...

Hi Mommy clare, oo nakatanim ako nang tatlo pero isa lang ang girl ang dalawa ay lalaki ayaw mamunga hehe. May blueberry din ako pero ang liit pero konti pa lang ang bunga. This year hinde ko pa na harvest ang peach hinde pa siya hinog excited na nga ako coz last year ang tamis nang bunga. The blueberry naka-harvest na ako pero konti lang. Kaya gusto ko talaga mag tanim masarap ang katas nang pawis hehehe.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Hon, oo nga pero na missed ko na rin ang mga fruits dyan.

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