Facebook I conquer!

Yesterday, I am so happy I conquer at least for a day my addiction to some of the apps of Facebook. But what did I do yesterday?
Oh well, here is what I did I cleaned the whole living room hehehehe ( clap,clap,clap). Not just ordinary cleaning mind you guys but changing the whole positioning of the furniture, vacuuming the nooks and crannies, and except for the tv I did all the pushing and lifting too (grabe na to!). I also did the husking at the hall way going to the bedrooms and I have a proof to it (char!) At talagang pinapawisan ang lola ninyo hahaha kasi I put floor wax too before husking the floor. Parang naaalala ko dati college ako ang payat ko noon talagang 95lbs lang ako nung gumagraduate ako. Naisip ko ngayon baka yun ang resulta nang palaging paglalampaso ko sa bahay namin kaya pwede kong araw-arawin ang paglalampaso ko dito hehehe.
Anyway, yup I was happy I accomplished something yesterday and today I plan on cleaning our bedroom, arranging the bags and shoes and clothes according to season since fall and winter is fast approaching. Here's my picture....and oh by the way dahil ang kintab at slippery nang floor namin I slipped, tawa nang tawa ang husband ko baka daw mabali pa buto2x ko dahil sa ka artehan ko hehehehe.


Grace Draper said…
thanks sa comment ate hala oh nag pa farm din pla haha hmmm hope you can add me too ate thanks graceoladraper@bellsouth.net, uu nga po 8 cla na lay off sa department nila pero ok na din para mkapag start xa ng small business nya kaya eto he's working on it
jodi said…
congrats manang kasi pinagpawisan ka at siguro nga po yun ang dahilan kung bakit ka payat that time..good morning and thank you for the visit
Manang Kim said…
Hello Grace, I am adding you to my facebook account ha then will add you as neighbors hehe.
Manang Kim said…
Hi jodi, hehe it's a big deal ang pawis pala dito sa america kahit summer(daw) hinde ako pinapawisan nang todo2x, kaya hala lampaso to the max ever nalang.
wahaha manang kim ...nakakaaliw naman tong post mo hehe.^_^ super sipag mo naman.ingat ha baka madulas ka ulit. wow 95 lbs ka lang grabeh na to! ^_^ mas payat ka pa sa akin nung college ako hehhe.super sexy pala ni manang ko! o sya manang pagibayuhin mo na ang paglilinis ^_^ looking forward sa marami mo pang pictures...baka mabigla kami at pumayat ka na ng husto sa paglilinis.
Mom of Four said…
Hehehe, bunot dito bunot dun. Di pwede dito sa amin yan, kasi mga bata madadapa. But, you are right, it can help you lose weight if you are trying to.
co wendy said…
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