Memorial day celebration

Hello guys and gals, hows your Memorial day weekend goes? We didn't go far this time my SS and his wife invited us to a bar-b-que party at their house which is a neighbor pwede lang lakarin bahay nila from us. But since andito tayo sa US dina-drive kahit malapit lang hehe. At around 4:00pm we headed to their house and we are the first one who got there. Hubby help his son doing some stuff at the garage while I did help preparing things at the kitchen. After all the food are done we put it all inside the oven to make it hot all the time. At the front of their house they have a pond the water is so clear it does look so inviting for swimming. I decided to went outside for a stroll with their dog, his name is Milo. He is so cute he runs like crazy specially when he noticed that I also like to play with him.
Took a picture of their house from the pond...while Milo is running towards ME!! I like their house it has four rooms, 3 bedrooms above the main floor and 1 masterbedroom on the main floor. It has a huge deck at the back (wished I took a picture of it while we are having our eating session) and a wrap around porch in front. And it is situated on a 10 acres property land. Nice no like ko talaga ang design nang house na yan.Milo likes to play right close to the pond but not me the water is cold for sure
Gandang magmuni-muni sa bench na yan naka harap sa pond. Water can make me relax and calm what about you guys?Dyandyaran!! Here's the food...
Here is my plate, I ate corn cob which is my favorite, pork baby back ribs and mashed baked potato.My bana's plate is full too hehe, he had mashed potato,italian sausage,chicken barbeque, baked beans and caesars salad
Took some of their flowers that they bought in the nursery house. This one is called petunia.
But this other one I don't know the name of it. It does look so pretty in person I am so amazed that when you look at it closely the flower that is hanging down looks like a paper flower. That is why when I look at it closer I touched it para kasi siyang papel hapon na ginawag parang flower.Specially that violet or purple color para siyang ruffled skirt at yang red balls parang chinese lantern nagandahan talaga ako. Kaya lang they are annual flowers they don't come back or grow again next year like any other perennial flowers. And every hanging basket of annual flowers cost almost $30, di ko siya ma kaya (kuripot si ako) not unless perennial yan okey lang pero annual I don't buy it. Kaya admire to the max ever nalang ako and took picture maganda kasing tingnan.So that's how our Memorial weekend goes...oh by the way I drink two glassess of white wine (yung pang-sosyal na glass) jeez na drunk ata ang beauty ko. I told hubby..hon I think I am drunk. Hubby said how many did you drink? I said two. Hubby said oh your drunk. LOL!!


Weng Forsgren said…
ganda ng bahay Kim .
by the way, ngano naa man moy memorial day diha, na wa jud ning alam ning baye dri hehe.
mostly blogger nga taga diha sa imo country naga post about memorial day.
wa pa noon ko ka basa sa ilang post.
daghana ba sud an oi, lamia ba ana, gutmon man pod ta oi.
I like corn too, pahiran gani og margarine nga init pa manang kim, sus pagka lami nalang jud kitkiton hehe.

take care
Beth said…
Parang ang sarap tumira sa mansion na iyan... kaya lang parang ang hirap din linisin. Ang ganda nga talaga nung violet flower, mukhang mamahalin talaga kaya okay lang din na magbayad ng 30$ kung ganyan naman kaganda :)
Manang Kim said…
hello weng, maganda nga ang bahay na yan. about sa memorial day it is about all the US soldiers, militaries who fought for the country.
parehas ta weng, corn pod akong like pahiran ug butter then ang pork ribs kay humok kaayo pagka barbque. oi naka dala ko ug BH kay daghan man sobra hehe.
Manang Kim said…
hi beth yup yan ang mahirap sa malaking bahay mahirap linisin hehe. good thing lang wala na silang anak na maliit 2 are in college and 1 in senior high school, kaya lang minsan lang maglinis hehehe.
wow ang ganda ng place!! so nice ang house ^_^ at ang pond dyan talaga eh napakarelaxing..ang cute pa ng dogy!
kaya nga enjoy din ako pagtingin d2 sa backyard namin..relaxing din ang pond..may ducks,turtles and fishes.^_^
at ang daming food nyo dyan ah! sarap naman! yumyum! talagang enjoy!
ganda pa ng flowers..hmmmm....
ako din mag share ng aming celebration nung Memorial Day..simple celeb lang...tinuruan ako ng mom-in-law ko ng deviled egg and bean salad...^_^ magpost din ako soon ^_^for more details hehe ^_^
Clarissa said…
Hello there,Ate Kim!!Ang dali mo namang malasing!!Sa amin naman eh nakaka-ilang bote kami!burp!
Ganyan pala ang celebration ng Memorial Day--meron palang ganyang event dyan.Good thing may mga kaibigan ako sa iba't-ibang place dito sa blgosphere!
Sobrang lawak ng space,dyan,Ate Kim!!Ang sarap gumulong sa lawak!!\(^0^)/
janz said…
Manang Kim,
ang cute ng dog.
ang ganda ng flowers.
ang sarap ng mga pagkain.
hay! my natira pa ba? hehehehe!
ROSSEL said…
ang laki ng bakuran nila tapos may pond pa. nakaka-relax nga. ang ganda naman ng flower na may purple na parang raffled skirt. pareho pala tayong!
Dhemz said…
wow bongga ng bahay ate Kim..taz may pond

woi sarap ng handaan ah....yummy...kami walang food...ehhehe!

glad nag enjoy kayo sa holiday....musta na jan te? parang ganda ng weather jan ah....:)

honga pla, I haven't seen that kind of plant...I mean the last that kind...very unique!
Jacky said…
ate kim, salamat sa pagdalaw. ang ganda naman ng house nila. san b yan, tapos yung food super yummy talaga.yung ang ganda,
Umma said…
Wow... I love the serenity of the surrounding nangKim...indeed, you'll feel super relax just directing your eyes to the green grass and the overlooking pond.

As usual, daghan na sad food.. food trip lagi pirmi mo diha..I love to eat sweet corn and Caesar salad too.. pareho diay ta.

Love the flowers too..
chubskulit said…
Hello ate kim, wow super spaceous naman ng back yard nila noh and super laki din ng house nila...
ryliej said…
Milo is enjoying the scenery tkim!
Anney said…
Ang ganda namn ng view jan ang looks so peaceful. At ang sarap ng kinain nyo! nakakapaglaway! heheeh!
marykay said…
Wow, what beautiful & unique flower that is! I never saw that before and I would love to have one like that! Your relatives home and garden is beautiful too. That dog looks fun and he likes you to run to you. haha! The food looks truly "american" style..fried chicken and salad and beans...I'm glad you guys had fun dear..!

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