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Hubby and I attended the mass yesterday Good Friday, the mass was very solemn and when we are in the part of the Venerating the Cross, the priest told the parishioners to line up jeez I was standing waiting in line my tears just run down my cheeks I get so carried away. I am basically a sentimental person, I remember my mom told me that I am a “kapayason”. Remember how a papaya tree when pricked, the sap automatically run down just so easy? And that is me, a light drama or a heavy drama as long as there is this heavy nice dramatic dialogue I guarantee to anyone I am already crying. What happened at the church was a mixed emotion, I missed my pamangkins, brother and sister, I missed my parents, I am happy that hubby and me attended the mass, and I am so thankful of everything. After the mass, at the church function hall there was this Red Cross Blood donation. I told my hubby I wanted to donate my blood and it is not new to me I donate blood from time to time when I was in the Philippines. I signed up and waited, when it was my turn to be interviewed (because a nurse will ask you several questions) it turns out that I can’t donate YET a blood because I’ve been in the Philippines a year ago. The nurse really take also her time to call the CDC to checked the places I’ve been because Malaria is undetectable in the blood. So since I was in the Philippines a year ago I can’t donate at this time but I can donate a blood next month. Hubby didn’t understood it hehehe he thought that there is no questions about anything I said there is a lot of questions because it is a blood that you have to give. So my desire to give blood yesterday was preempted which is kind of sad but thankfully I knew that next month I can donate my type B+ blood. 

Why my desire to donate blood:

1.My first experienced in donating blood happened year 2000. My co-catechist was on labor at the hospital when her mother told us that she need some blood. We are at the meeting at that time which is a good thing because all the catechist was there. She used some of the blood at the hospital blood bank, but she doesn’t have money to pay for it, so she agreed that whatever blood she used she will pay it for another blood which the hospital agreed. Her mom told us who is willing to donate blood will come with her to the hospital so they could repay what they used and to her surprise almost everybody came with her including our priest. I know some people are not so used with needles or hospital thingy but while we are there we had fun. The nurses were amuzed  at us because when they started to take blood from us we were singing praise and worship song to the Lord hehehe good thing to get rid of the fear!!!

2. I had a friend whose daughter was sick of Leukemia. They were in well known hospital for a check up and that time her daughter was in advanced stage. I was in Cebu at that time too so me and my friend went there to helped take care of her daughter. I saw how the daughter was being injected in the spine and how my friend cried so hard I feel the pain of both the daughter and the mother it’s the scene I couldn’t forget. I see how the red blood go up and on top of the machine the red blood separates with the white blood I never knew that at all!! I don’t know what was the name of that procedure but it amuses me so much I could just wonder. The other hard part of the whole incident is when the nurse or doctor will asked us to looked for a blood jeez, we walked and ride a jeepney looking for blood. We go to red cross, looked for people who like to donate, it was very tiring. But if we can find one it is glorifying!! At the end my friends daughter didn’t make it she died very young. 

3.Two years ago, my niece got sick of Dengue fever we were chatting on line and she keep on telling me that she had a fever and her stomach was aching. Until it was Saturday, when I received her text message that she was admitted in the hospital and the doctor said that she had a Dengue fever. I was shocked I knew many people who got sicked of Dengue and didn’t make it. I get paranoid thinking of her condition so I told her not to worry but do what the Doctor advised. The Doctor also told her to asked the family to looked for a grass called ‘salingkapaw” boiled it and drink it like a tea. She took some of that salingkapaw tea, but she also need some BLOOD of her type, and the Doctor said her platelet ( I didn’t knew what is platelet if there is white or red) keeps on dropping which is not a good signed it has to increased and not dropped. My niece has this different blood type, they were not able to find it in the blood bank so my brother looked for people who does has the same blood type of my niece. Thankfully with Gods grace they were able to find two people, at siguro alam naman natin sa Pinas it is not free so my brother paid for them and brought them to a restaurant. 

Blood is very important and with my experiences I don’t hesitate to give my blood to help other people. I never put in my mind that it is painful rather I just think of the people who will be happy and relived when they got your blood surely their lives will be prolonged because of just a mere giving of a pint of blood. Happy Black Saturday to all!!


you are so nice manang kim. May God bless you always.

Happy Easter.
S-H-Y said…
WOW ang bait mo nmn, d maraming tao gaya mo..But for me it feel so nice when we know that we help somebody right Manang??
Jenny0323 said…
I always thought of doing the same since I was 12 but was not allowed that time. Until now I've never done it.
Manang Kim said…
Thanks for that mer, God bless you too.
Manang Kim said…
Paying forward is what I called it shy, oo ibang feeling pagmaka-share tayo na no string attach diba? Parang nakakagaan nang feeling..happy Easter!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Jen, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Try it of course there is a little pain at first pero kalaunan wala na. I will wait for the time you would tell me you have share your blood -wink-
Clarissa said…
Ang sarap talaga ng feeling pag meron kang natutulungang tao noh?I haven't tried donating my blood,too.

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