A heart tag...

A# Attached or Single?
B# Best Friend?
     My husband.
C# Cake or Pie?
     Both. I like Tiramisu cake and egg pie.
D# Day of Choice?
     All the days of the week.
E# Essential Item?
     Laptop of course.
F# Favorite Color?
     Pink is the number one but actually most of the colors I do like specially the pastel ones.
G# Gummie Bears or Worms?
     Don’t like those two.
H# Hometown?
    Misamis Occidental, Philippines
I# Favorite Indulgence?
    A good massage. 
J# January or July?
     January my niece birthday month. 
K# Kids?
     Biologically I have none. But I do love my nieces and nephew to the max and they are my kids. 
L# Life isn't complete without....?
     Life isn't complete without my hubby, family and friends that is what matters right?
M# Marriage date?
     December 30, 2004
N# Number of magazine subscriptions?
     None I cut all my magazine subcription it is not practical since I can borrow some of it in the library free. But I am thinking of subscribing Catholic Digest. 
O# Oranges or Apples?
     Both...I like anti-oxidant and vitamin rich fruits.
P# Phobias?
     My phobias are death and snakes. 
Q# Quotes?

R# Reasons to smile?

~~~ When I see hubby laugh at all my antics

~~~ When everybody is healthy and not having aches here and there 

~~~ When I wake up every morning feeling good and thank God for all the blessing HE showered on us.

~~~ When waking up every morning with hubby besides me.

~~~ And a lot more.... 

 # Season of choice

I think all season is my choice since all four of them  has this mystic wonderful feel.

T# Tag five people.

     I am not tagging anyone because I guess all of my blogosphere friend had done this tag already but I am very well pleased if somebody will grab this tag.

U# Unknown fact about me?

     I have a sense of humor and I am also sensitive.

V# Vegetable?

     I like pechay or bokchoy. 
W# Worst habit?
     Hmmmm I am still thinking on this one. 
X# X-Ray or Ultrasound?
     I think ultrasound. 
Y# Your favorite foods?
   Too many to mention
Z# Zodiac sign


Clarissa said…
my friends at blogosphere tagged me with this one but I would like to add your name,too.I'll grab this for sure!^_^
I love getting to know new things on you,Ate kim!
Beth said…
Hi Manang Kim!

Ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang bokchoy pala ay pechay LOL... engot ko, grabe!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added you to my Blog List.
janz said…
Hi! ate Kim,
agi lng ko dre liwat wishing u blessed day!
Manang Kim said…
Hi claire, thanks for grabbing I thought this tag comes from you I know somebody tag me this geez this is what happened pag hinde ko ma-answer agad ang tagging hehe. Thanks for dropping by claire.
Manang Kim said…
Hi beth, dont't worry ako din ganun a friend told me 4 years ago that bokchoy is the same as pechay kaya lang pechay sa amin maliit dito ang laki american size talaga pati vegetable nila dito malaki hehe.
Manang Kim said…
Hi janz, thanks for dropping by hows your ukay2x moment.

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