Monday, February 16, 2009

Talking about.....

Last February 14 was our 5th valentines day together as husband and wife. Along through the years hubby spend some money to buy me jewelries, flowers, chocolates and dining out. The last gift that hubby gave me on valentines day is this bling2x
And a Dooney and Burke purse:
Which is not that too cheap. But Valentines just don't happened in one day but everyday. Together we have to maintain the spark and fun for our relationship going. This year we decided to stay at home and spend the night with a candle light dinner. Prior that night we went to Meijers and look for a nice valentines card. We gave each others valentines card, read and kissed each other and put it back hahahaha! We were like lovey dovey inside that supermarket people are looking at us envious hahaha! It was fun, it makes both of us going and lively. Again hubby looked around and found this beautiful flowers it cost $30 I told him honey "I need cash" and here we go again we chuckled ang giggled with my antics. In the end of our trip to the supermarket he bought the gift for me and here it is:

YES!! It is a tootsie roll haha. What are you thinking guys and gals?? Sports car? House? Nope3x. Valentines day is supposed to be fun and not bankrupting the pocket of your hubby hahaha. But there is a reason why hubby thought of giving me a bag of tootsie roll I will share the story soon here on my blog. I found out it doesn't take a lot of money to spend just to make your husband happy and the relationships spark and going it only requires creativity (wink). Here are some of the pictures that I took during our dinner.
Before the prayer pose muna.Left over.My sweet nook.


Clarissa said...

Kaka-inggit naman!!Yun pala secret mo, a sticky biko and tootsie roll!!No wonder sweet ang samahan nyong mag-asawa!!^_^
Kami kaya kelan lalanggamin?lol!!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow naman ate Kim, very romantic celebration nyo hehehe...

Thanks for the greetings, its hubby's bday not mine hehehe..

Umma said...

Wow!! Manang Kim.. super sweet diay nyo duha.. kakainggit para jud mo mga high school hahaha.

My gosh! you had so much food on the table for Vday dinner, naubos nyo ba? At super laki ng strawberry.. which is a good aphrodisiac hahaha

BTW, did u cook for biko? share naman the recipe.

Mommy Liz said...

Great gift that you got Manang Kim, ang sweet naman ni hubby mo. I would gladly take the toosie roll too, I love it. Ang dami nyo namang food eh kayong dalawa lang? I am glad that you had a great time on Valentine. Take care and Have fun.

Kim, USA said...

~~ yes clare yan ang secret para palaging dikit hehe.

Kim, USA said...

~~ rose, akala ko its your b-day pero ok na rin yon naka greet din ako sa hubby mo. oo pwede naman pala maging romantic kahit di mag spend nang sangkatutak na pera ah. -wink-

Kim, USA said...

~hi umma, hinde na ubos maraming natira. kabalo naka ug bahaw mas lami man pagka-ugma maoi kaong sud-an hehe labina ang isda ug ulang. I didn't know na ang strawberry is an aphrodisiac diay kabalo pa ko ning banat usa ka baldi akong gikaon nga strawberry hehehe. gikan biya ning strawberry sa inyoha diha sa california dagko kaayo.

Kim, USA said...

~mommy Liz, the simplest ever na gift pero okies na rin what matters most is the fun on that v-day. yes kami lang dalawa dito kaya maraming natira pero no problem yon iba tayong pinoy walang mapunta sa basurahan hehe. you too tc!

Anonymous said...

wow TKim...ka sweet man diay sa inyo celebration...may pa blingbling pa...hehhehe! salamat sa dha!

Anonymous said...

wow! ka sweet naman ng dalawa:) and ami sweet goodies ha, o di ba mas enjoy sa bahay mag stay na lang, no hassle and mas romantic pa:) Stay happy Kim and God bless you and Loren:)

Kim, USA said...

hi dhemz, two years ago pa yang bling2x na yan. this year ala na tootsie roll nalang hehe.

Kim, USA said...

hi cle, oo wala talagang hassle. di na kami nag drive all over town to find a resto that is not full. it is our first time to celebrate valentines at home next year dito pa in sa bahay.

Anonymous said...

awwww...those are such nice pictures Kim...your table is beautiful and I love your gifts! I love it when husbands are good to their wives. My hubby was good to me lucky lucky we are huh? Hahahaha!! you put the cards back? oh my gosh, you two are like teenagers in love!! thats sweek kim...ha ha! I'm glad you have fun husband was here and I told him about the cards...

Wengss said...

sweet naman manang kim hehe may mga pamahiin pala kayo, sundin ko na rin hehe.

Kim, USA said...

hi weng sundin mo mga pamahiin natin para malagkit pa sa biko ang pagtitinginan natin sa mga hubby natin. -wink-

Anonymous said...

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