Monday, February 16, 2009

MeMe:My Top three..

A beautiful Mommy Liz tagged me with this meme. And I love tagging, sometimes it fills up the day if I don't have anything in my mind to write.

Three Names that Friends Call You:
~Ate Kim

Three/four Most Important Dates in your Life:
~April 23 (my husband bday)
~December 30 (our wedding day)
~September 22 (my papa's death anniversary)
~October 25 (my mama's death anniversary)

Things You've Done in the Last 30 Minutes:
~ drink my carrot juice
~ reading friends blogs
~ answering my meme

Three Ways to be Happy Even You’re at Home:
~ clowning with my hubby
~ teaching hubby how to dance
~ sharing the word of God together

Gifts You Would Like to Receive:
~ a trip to the Philippines (that would be my fifth time)
~ money

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
~ cooking
~ reading
~ planting trees

Three Places You Want to Go for a Vacation: -
~Vatican, Italy
~ Lourdes, France

Three Favorite Drinks:
~ Water
~ Reishi coffee
~ Tea

Three Things Found in Your Bag:
~ wallet
~ house and car keys
~ rosary

Three Favorite Colors:
~ Yellow
~ Green
~ peach

Top Three Hangouts:
~ my house
~ mall
~ my house

Top Three You Love so Much:
~ Husband
~ My family (nieces/nephew/sibilings)

Top Three You Think Will Answer this Survey:
~ I hope
~ Somebody
~ will grab this tag

Top Three Things Special To You:
~ Husband
~ Family
~ Friends

Top Three Reasons Why You Answered This Survey:
~ Mommy Liz is a humble and loving person
~ Mommy Liz is a friend
~ I love to answer tags.


Mommy Liz said...

Ay ang sweet mo naman Manang KIM, hahaha! Thanks for accepting this tag ha. Bakit missing ng isa ang gifts you want to receive, because you have eveything na ba? San galing yung Mary na name mo? At talagang dinagdagan mo ng isa pa ang important dates, hahaha!
See, it's really cool that we are getting to know each other better through tags. Now I know that you always have rosary in your purse, safe ka lagi..ako nga rin, may rosary akong gift sa akin ng friend ko eh..

Have a good day to you...mwahhhh!

Kim, USA said...

Hi mommy Liz, thanks! Yung mary galing sa name nang hospital kung saan ako pinanganak St. Mary Hospital. Yung mga dates ko talagang importante sa akin yun.

Clarissa said...

LIBRE EH!!lolz!

Kim, USA said...

hi clare thanks for grabbing the tag and please let me know when your done.

Umma said...

Its fun to know more about you Manang Kim.. indeed these tags really unveil the unique persona in us.

Oi! thanks for giving me the tips for the biko.. I will try that one.. tulo laway ko Manang Kim.. just looking at ur pictures huhuhu.. At least, naa na me recipe to copy hahaha.

Kim, USA said...

Yes tagging makes people open up a little about themselves and let others knew of the person too. Let me know kung nakahimo naka ug biko ha. As in perte ra gyud ka sayon. Happy weekdays!

Chubskulit Rose said...

I like your hangout hehehe ~house`mall`house~

how long have you been in the States ate?

Anonymous said...

happy weekend Manang Kim!

Kim, USA said...

@mommy rose, oo house mall house lang ako. pag medyo boring sa bahay punta sa mall window shopping lang hehe. mag-almost 5 years na ako dito sa MI.

Anonymous said...

ah! I go my Mary fact, alot of my american friends call me Mary. hee hee.!

Kim, USA said...

it's only here in US that someone called me mary not even my mom called me mary hehe. but it is okay anyway cute din pakingan.


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