Birthday party..

Before yesterdays event would become stale I had to update my blog here. So yesterday was the February birthday celebration of Peach, Lanie, Tess and Lulu. The party was held at Lanies and of course when there is a Filipino party expect to have great Filipino food. After eating we dance all the way hanggang pinawisan at balik naman sa kainan moment hehe. Here are some of the pictures I'd like to share.


Clarissa said…
aawww Ate Kim!!You're surrrounded by a such beautiful friends--lucky you!I don't have pinoy friends here in Japan(T_T)
Thanks for the greetings!!
Manang Kim said…
hello clare, it is okey you've got a loving husband and kids. but i thought their are many filipinos there.
Anonymous said…
ate kim, thanks for posting the pictures. ~_^ i have not been feeling well lately, na pagod tingali. i went to costco this afternoon and take triz to her church class. at least naka upload nako sa pics. :D thank talaga! see you soon. ~_^.. lanie
Manang Kim said…
Hi lan your very much welcome. Take your time and keep warm regards to the family.
Umma said…
Glad to know you have so much friends in here Manang Kim. Honestly, I dont have pinoy friends here in California.. so no pinoy parties for me :(

Mukhang ang saya saya ng birthday party nyo.. I missed filipino foods.
Manang Kim said…
Hi umma, yes there are plenty of filipinas here. I've been here in MI for almost 5 years now but everytime I go to a party, there is always a new acquaintances. I enjoy filipino party becuase that is the time I could eat dinuguan, lechon and other filipino stuff hehe.

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