Miss America tonight.

I will be glued to my seat tonight for Miss America Pageant it will be shown on channel TLC at 8:00 pm and here are my bets:

Miss Arkansas

Miss California

Miss Delaware

Miss Idaho

Miss Indiana >>>>>> Miss America 2009

Miss Kansas

Miss Maryland

Miss Minnesota

Miss New Mexico

Miss North Carolina

If one of my bets will gonna win then I conclude that I  have an eye to spot beauty (basing on their picture in AOL! Crossing my fingers -wink-

Update: I was so ecstatic that one of my bet won the Miss America title wohooo!! It confirms that I have an eye to spot beauty. (smile)


Stev&Emz said…
kunti lang talaga yung mga magaganda.. base sa nakita ko sa photos nila. d ko napanuod yung show e pero sa tingin ko maganda yung Maryland.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Emz, yes Maryland is also one of my bet but didn't expect Indiana will come up as a winner. Still Indiana is also one of my bets. Thanks for dropping by.

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