How deep is your snow?

I love nature. And with the digital camera nowadays I can capture some moment that are worth keeping. I live where snow is part of our life. In winter it will be a miracle if we don't have at least 4 inches of snow and the most that I have experienced is more than 10 inches. When I was in the RP I thought that snow happens only in Christmas time lol. Through all the years specially in Christmas time I often see Christmas cards with photos of a house that has a chimney and covered with snow. But then I found out that snow doesn't come on Christmas, it starts to fall before Thanksgiving until almost May!!! Oh yes we have a long winter here in MI. Sometimes nakakaumay din ha. By the way I am going 5 years here in MI but haven't made a snowman ever!! Ang lamig sa labas di ko feel.

Okey so here is what it looks like pag mag snow kami.

And here is what it looks like pag ang snow na melt na lahat. Diba ang lalim nang snow namin compare above.


Umma said…
OMG.. super lalim naman talaga ng snow nya jan sa MI Manang Kim..brrrr.. just looking at the snow makes me cringe sa ginaw..

AT least, if you're inside the house there is a heater but if you are outside its too cold and its hard to drive if the snow is so thick.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Umma it is not just cold it is bitter cold it is like the coldness is biting you hehe. And yes it is dangerous to drive when it is snowing that is why I don't drive in winter time.

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