Sad week..

I was so proud of my chickens for the past days I am talking about it here in my blog and to our relatives how they grew so fast and I am looking forward to their organic eggs.

Last Wednesday night me and hubby came home very late we were at Doreens taking care of her. When we get home that night I closed the chicken coop door and noticed that something is missing. I didn't count them right away since it is too dark, the next morning Thursday I went out early to opened the door for them to get out. I was so surprised when I counted them two were not there. I was in panic mood and as I looked around I saw on the ground lots of black and white feathers. I run went to my hubby and told him what I have found. Indeed somebody took my two chickens I was mad I was crying.
After we found out that two are missing I was already hesitant to leave the house and came home late. But that day (thursday) it was raining and cold hubby went at Doreens house early as usual. At noon time I called him that we will meet to a resto and have lunch together. After lunch we agreed to left his suburban and just used my car in going to Doreens house. So we were at Doreens for the rest of the afternoon and by 6pm we went to another resto to meet with some of our relatives to celebrate the 82 birthday of my brother in law.
Hubby arrived at our house first and when I arrived he hollered at me that 8 chickens were missing!! My heart skip a beat my stomach starts to churn I didn't feel right. I didn't went to the barn to look around but hubby did. He found 5 chickens in the barn roosting and he put it back to their house. The next day, I went to the chicken coop opened the door and I saw that they are so "konti nalang" my eyes got misteyed eye immediately. I went back to the house and cried and cried. Hubby felt bad watching me, though it sounds funny but I already felt close to them I like watching them roamed around the yard. From 24 chickens 17 were left 7 were gone including my one and only ROOSTER.
Now we have suspected too many, number one somebody might come and took them, two it might be the fox but we couldn't find the den yet, three which is the most preferable suspect is the COYOTE because my hubbies son who lives next to our property saw in his field THREE COYOTES on that particular days. I think they have a ball eating my chickens, hate them. Last night we were inside the suburban with rifles waiting for the coyote to appear we are ready to kill them I really wanted revenge and I wanted to kill them by myself. Right now we don't let the chickens be out in their chicken coop and roam around for all we know the coyotes are just somewhere waiting for a chance to get them all. Because they will. And besides I don't want my chicken to feel too much trauma again they have experienced it for two or three days already and that is too much. I missed my roosters crow wahhhh I do really feel bad hayy.


Lanie said…
Ate Kim. Dagko naman imong manok diay. Nya nadakpan ba ninyo ang nag kaon sa inyong manok? Anyway, will be having Ashley's Bday on the 18th. Na usab ang date. Pero She is going to have a Chuck & Cheese party din next weekend. Basta will update you/invitation will be out soon.
hoy te kim,sus i feel sad reading your post about the chickens, i can imagine your rage when you found out. Two days? that's too much to handle. Damn coyotes.
Manang Kim said…
hello lan dagko na gyud ang mga manok nako nakuhaan lang sila ug 7 including sa rooster. la na magtuktugaok dire oi namingaw ko. i recieve the invitation for ashleys bday this coming oct 11 i just hope maka-adto mi.
Manang Kim said…
hello vanz, na oi unsa pa kalooy sa akong mga manok, maka imagine ko sa ilang ka hadlok. nagsige gyud ko ug hilak mura ko ug bata giilugan ug dulaan.
marikay said…
Awwww Kim, Im reading your blog from top down so I didnt see this post prior to my other comments in your above posts. Anyway, so you lost so many chickens and your rooster! Ohhhh how sad, I'm sorry that happened. Wow, you all had a lot of chickens and I don't blame you for getting close to them, they are cute animals plus they give you fresh eggs. And your rooster, its nice to hear him crowing I'm sure and so its really too bad... =(

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