Disappearing act...

~~ Last week, as I was browsing our local newspaper I make a comment after reading the police file column, I said to my DH that "it seems to me that stealing or robbing is getting close on us", and he asked me why I say that so, " I told him that in the newspaper some houses close to us are being intruded and stolen some of their property". That is what I only commented after reading it I continue to browsed. Last Saturday we stayed at Doreens quite late and on Sunday we stayed the whole day after the mass and went home dark already. The next day Monday, hubby went to check the chain saw that he put at the back of his suburban.....VOILA!! The two chain saws make a DISAPPEARING ACT!!! I doubted it if they went off by themselves right??? Hubby was trying to figure out how does it happened and so I told him to call his son if they borrowed it and didn't tell him at all. So he called one of his son and his son Todd told him that our neighbor just by the hill reported a while ago that something also is missing on her property. Knowing that I told hubby to call the police and report the incident. After a few minutes police came and recorded everything and told hubby that they are eyeing on a suspect that lives just a mile or two in our vicinity. Hmmm bad.
~~So hubby calls his brother in Texas telling him that his chain saw was one that was stolen, thankfully his brother said something "oh don't worry a bit I need a newer one and don't think about it". So everything was clear then. The next day Tuesday, hubby was making pa-sweetums to me I know he is asking something.....I said okay will go to the tools store and get a new chain saw. So off we go....when we were there...I almost fainted the chainsaw is too darn EXPENSIVE!!! My golly molly I taught it only cost $100, the chain saw that hubby want is worth $799.99 the chain cost $39 and the casing $49.00!! The one that was stolen is STIHL and now he is eyeing HUSQVARNA which he said so powerful to cut wood. (i thought at that time kanindot ba kaayo barangon or ipapaktol sa nagkawat sa among chainsaw!!)
~~ Anyway, after hubby and the man incharge comparing the Stihl and Husqvarna product hubby decided to buy the Husqvarna. At the counter I took the cheque book and slowly and hesistantly with eyes closed I wrote the amount $889.33 MY NERVE IS HOT!! TO HOT that I am READY TO STRANGLE WHO EVER STEAL OUR CHAINSAWS!!! ARGHHH!!
~~ I know I know that our economy is too bad right now but holly mackerel don't steal others property just to let your family have something to eat hayyyyy. Buying new one is out of budget with this tightening of belt economy it is not worth writing $889.33 out of our saving money nakaka-inis!! Nakaka-highblood ug nakaka-praning! Ako kahang ipa-tagan no? Hehehehe.
~~ But to top it all I saw hubbies face lighted up specially when we got home he tried to cut some woods and oh men it was really a powerful chainsaw. I jokingly told him that it will be my advance Christmas gift to him and he agrees. Amen to that!!


Stev&Emz said…
hahaha.. i know what u feeling sis. Husqvarna is really a good quality for stuff like that. we got Husqvarna here too from lawn mower to weed whacker. pretty expensive talaga but wud last a life time. well better keep everything inside.. mukhang nagiging pilipinas na ang tate. hehehe... crisis kasi e.
Kim said…
hi emz, korek ka dyan taghirap na nga talaga dito sa tate ang daming nanakawan dito sa banda namin. hubby said it's his first experienced na nanakawan dito, they used not to put inside the tools and everything sa barn minsan pa they just don't close their car and leave the keys inside the car hayyy.
marikay said…
Oh boy, that is too bad Kim. I hate people who steal. Those are copout people, lazy people who don't want to work for their own. My belief is that anyone in the USA can better themselves if they really want to. They can put themselves to school and buy their own chainsaw when they graduate. Kim, imagine if your hubby didnt have the chainsaw or anything valuable outside of your house, and what if they decided to go inside your house! That is really scary and those people have not ethics or concience. It costs people like us more money to replace what those theives stole!
Kim said…
Hi Kay, nakaka-kaba diba? To think it was not really totally outside the house but inside the suburban car na hinde nalocked....some other houses na nanakawan din, yung magnanakaw really went inside their unlocked garage and car taking some of their valuable things too. One house a laptop was taken so I think talagang pumasok sa bahay???
Sa sinabi mo...I think talagang LAZY people gusto lang magnakaw para mabuhay. The police said they are eyeing on somebody I hope mahuli kung sino man siya.
And your right it cost a lot to buy another one na meron ka na..kakainis talaga. I want to think positive baka nga wala nang kinain ang pamilya pero baka din pinagbili nang drugs hayyy.
Thanks for dropping by Kay I know your too bz. God blesss!

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