Hectic schedule

~~~~~This afternoon Lanie, Jonna and her husband Keith will going to watch the concert of Journey. Well as everybody knew the new lead singer of Journey band is a Filipino singer Arnel Pineda. The weather is cold right now and no doubt that tonight it will be more colder, Lanie told me it will be 40F whewww that is 10F above freezing.

~~~~~Tomorrow, will be leaving for Canada. We are going to visit Niagara Falls canadian side. Many said that the Canadian side is more nicer, many attractions to see and visit than the US side. I am looking forward to this trip and I am so excited this time palang.


Anonymous said…
It was the best night! ~_^ Everytime I hear my CD playing in my Van,I see Arnel jumping around. Hay, journey, journey....

Best regards,

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