Well Hello Friends!

Wow it's been awhile I haven't posted anything here. I kind of missed it but life is life. Oftentimes, we have to focus on important part that was and is happening in our life. And that is what I was basically busy these past few months. I have been taking care of myself these past few months and so  my husband too. Last weekend, we went to Dow Gardens. It's a new garden situated in Midland, Michigan and it is quite new they just opened the place last October of this year. When we were there we stroll around the area, though it's kind of chilly I made it. I thought I may have a bad breathing due to cold wind but I was doing fine. I even like to walked further but hubby surrenders, he had a bad ache. So we went to the CafĂ© and get some coffee and cookies. I love weekend getaways!

          It says when you see these poles it means you are about to change steps and the floor change.

                                                This looks like from a movie Avatar!


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