Water World Wednesday

                                                WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                       Episode 20, Year 2

So we are in our  3rd week Water World Wednesday showcase your photos galore moment!! I do this every year and so here it is. Today I choose (from last week) the photo of Sara's Fave Photo Blog I can't wait to see you all your photos taken today, last week, last month no matter when come and join our Water World Wednesday link-up!! Today I feel great!! Thanks to all your prayers!

                                                 Photo Credit: Sara's Fave Photos blog



Beautiful hues. And thank you so much for featuring my photo in last week's link-up.
Wow, so lovely to see this photo here. Thank you for featuring it. Nature is remarkable, isn't it? I have a stunner this week as well.
Linda said…
That is a delicious sunset, a dessert at the end of the day.
Nortehanon said…
Very interesting meme focusing on water. I hope to participate one of these days, once I am able to get back to blogging.

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