WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                   Episode 4, Year 2

Happy month of May you all!! Hope everyone is doing good and fine, safe and sound is what I pray for you all! So today I checked my linky subscription and it was expired so I paid and right now I am using the old code for the linky I hope it works today. ^_^
This year the first flower that blooms in my garden is Tulips and it is yellow my favorite color. It so happened that my flower garden is right outside my bedroom so I can easily watch my tulips. After the rain the other day even it was cold I managed to get out and take some photos. Here are my Tulips!

   I don't have my linky back yet. So if you can leave your URL in the comment, please thanks!


Jim said…
Beautiful. Please visit my post:
Nora said…
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Nora said…
I am not sure how to link in a comment. I loved the series of photos here and the droplets of water are so beautiful. I will try again to put my link in. It may not work. sorry.

Island Rambles Blog
photodoug said…
Nick V. said…
We had the same idea this week, Kim!
Here you go https://travelbug.co/2016/05/04/my-favorite-place-in-england-the-lake-district/
Kim ,USA said…
Hello Friends, thanks for leaving your url and enter the link. Thanks for linking I do appreciate it so much!
Linda said…
These are scrumptious! Love the droplets.

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