Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                 Episode 89, Year 2

Hello blogger friends how are you today?? Well here in my neck of woods as they call it, it is snowing like cats and dogs. Our November and December month is rainy but now winter is definitely here snow is no stopping. In which, for me I can handle two months of winter but not six months!! Hello!!! That is too long!! Right now I am counting spring already so its only like 11 weeks I hope?? Then I can see colors and tiny flowers trying to wiggle to see the king Sun how cool is that. The other day right before the snow storm we manage to get  a good soup from a Thai restaurant oh it was so good I so wish that store is close by I will order their food everyday!! 

                                                        That's a huge bowl for two!!

And I like to share with you all this sunset. It's gorgeous right?? If it was not cold I would love to hang out for awhile to see the colors change in a second. Mother nature know how to make this woman happy. Hope you all have a happy weekdays and stay safe everyone!!


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