Pocket Letters

Just this week I discovered a not so new craze in the internet and that is about Pocket Letters. I kind of liking it because it is small and you can embellish it all to your liking or your theme. Because it is a small size just by 2.5 x 3.5 it is not hard to embellish and mind you there are nine pockets and you pour all your creativity on the nine pockets which for me is kind of challenging and nice. For now I do not do pocket exchange yet I am very new to the game and I do not like to give disappointment to pocket letters diva who are really good in doing it. Here are my first three pocket letters done this week by me.

My first attempt..

My second pocket letter

My third pocket letters

Right now I am currently doing my 4th and 5th pocket letters for Christmas. I like to exchange pocket letters but I do not have the confidence yet. For now I am doing what I come up with in my mind. Ciao!!


Hannah said…
Cute idea, Kim, you made lots of creative cards.
Kim ,USA said…
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