Atmytabletop #2: Sardine with Water Spinach

In the Philippines, we have so many ways on how to fill our tummy's. Yup from sardines to anything as long as it is not poison, eat it!!
The other day, I was craving for food that I can say it taste or feel like home. I remember growing up when my mom or my yaya were not able to go to the market we ended up with sardines and water spinach hahaha. Which is one of my favorite. Don't you know that water spinach is good for your digestive system and sardines I think is a good source of Iron (hope I am right). I buy my water spinach in an Asian store because it is where you can find this vegetable. So I prepare garlic, onion, tomato chopped. Separate the leaves and the stalks when you pick the leaves, wash. Then in a pan I put olive oil then I saute first the onion let it translucent then garlic till it smells great. Then put the sardines put a little water let it simmer for a minute or two depending on your heat but it should be around low-medium heat. Then put the cut stalks then the leaves mix but don't crush the sardines. Then put the tomato cover let it simmer then season to taste.


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