Yellow and Blue

Found some photos from out trip at Ludington, Michigan last month.

      With what I heard in the internet now a days some people cannot put US flag in there own property. What the heck is that? When I came here in America 10 years ago what caught my attention are the flags waving from residential and commercial building and I like what I saw. But now I heard Home Association is barring home owners not to put US flag here in America in their own property. Now that is like communism to me!! I got my US citizenship five years ago if someone would tell me to take down my flag I will shoot you!! Wahahahaha it is a joke but who knows, lol!!

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I never heard that news about HOA's banning American flags? I wonder why? There must have been a reason Our HOA here in my Colorado community does not do that. Honestly, many people do not like HOA's and chose to live in communities that do not have them. There is still freedom of choice in that matter! :)

PS: My husband is also a naturalized American citizen.
Kim Hkiss said…
Hi Pat, sad for those people who had that kind of rules right. Yay same here a naturalized citizen too and love this country.
podso said…
Your photos are wonderful. I'm guessing the weather is a bit different there now!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Lovely colours in your photos. Love the lighthouse design particulalrly.
ann said…
And the sad part of your story, HOA members let their HOA dictate such nonsense. I'd say: Sue Me! For it certainly is an outrage when an HOA can usurp our freedom of speech. I am glad that you are here and congratulations on your citizenship.
SmilingSally said…
Hi Kim,

I put my flag out whenever I wish; you're correct to state that in this country, that is our right! If my HOA ruled otherwise, I'd work to change that rule.

Meanwhile, Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!
Lorrie said…
Hello Kim,
The lighthouse photo is great - there's something very appealing about rocks, lighthouses and the blue sea.
Fun60 said…
Of all the countries in the world I always think of the USA as the most patriotic with their huge flags waving from every building. So why the change? I don't understand.
A nice part of Michigan and I really like the statues of the children.
I hope the flag idea is just a misunderstanding.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.
maryaustria said…
Wonderful impressions from your trip!
Oh I love the yellow and blue mosaics...beautiful!

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