Water World Wednesday

                                       WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                       Episode 34, Year 2

Here comes some of my photos from our Traverse City trip last two weeks ago. The place in Old Mission Peninsula is beautiful. If I have money I would gladly love to have a piece of property in there but not for winter though it is very cold in there but with my love of photography I guess winter is best, right? But take a look of this beauty I could not resist not to dream about this place but soon next year will be back to see more not in this peninsula but the next. Do you see that landscape beyond the water? That is another place we tried to go but then the weather did not permit us. See you next time then....

                                              @ Chateau Chantal, Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan

They had the best wine it was my first time to do wine tasting. The thing, is I found a Filipina who works there and she is the one who wait for us. For $3.00 you get six shots from different kind of wine they made there. Well I found out that for six shots I am so done and I have the nerve to ask hubby I would drive. Hubby just laugh at me all those winding road I don't think so hubby would trust me, hahaha!

                                     SORRY OR THE LATE POST I WENT OUT TO VOTE!!


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