Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                    Episode 33, Year 2

I cannot wait for this photo to be out, lol! Took this last week when hubby and I went to Traverse City for our weekend getaway. The fall color in these place are bursting!! It is so pretty in there that I told to myself next year I will be back since there are many places that we have not see.

                                  Taken @ Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, Michigan


Gerald (SK14) said…
what a very pretty scene
Liz said…
What a gorgeous scene Kim! Those Autumn colours are beautiful!
Wow, awesome autumn colors. Love it.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Such strong colour contrast. Like a parade of Autumn beauty.
Nick V. said…
Beautiful Autumn view, Kim
That is truly amazing. I have NEVER seen color like that outdoors. I envy you!!
Jane said…
Little late with my entry, however, I love this image with all the beautiful autumnal colours. Thanks for sharing :)
Leovi Leovi said…
Beautiful colors, I love these pictures of autumnal atmosphere !!

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