Water World Wednesday

                                    WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                            Episode 30, Year 2

Last weekend hubby and I went to Grand Rapids then to Ludington, Michigan. When we arrived at Ludington last Saturday it was raining like cats and dogs. Some places it rained and some does not we thought what is going on it just so weird. Anyhow, we managed to get our hotel the after that we went to the beach which is beautiful minus the chilly wind. I love nature it is one of my past time that I could be alone. This picture was taken the next day Sunday after we went for a mass. The sun came out the beach is gorgeous and took this photo.

                        Okay I so love this photo. I think I set the mode for this one wrong but turn  out pretty good. Sometimes accidental mistakes turn out great.

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Gemma Wiseman said…
The rocks and lighhouse are most attractive in the first photo and a scenic perspective in the second.
Ileana said…
Beautiful seascapes!
Jim said…
Indeed. I have sometimes set my camera incorrectly but ended up with a great shot too.
Karen said…
Lovely clouds and terrific water views Kim!
I'm shocked by your pro-life activism.
That second photo is a real beauty!
Leovi said…
Nice picture, I love the sky, a wonderful place!
thomas said…
Mistakes!These are great shots.

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