Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                               Episode 18, Year 2

Last weekend friends and I went to Niagara Falls, Missasauga, then to Toronto, Canada for a weekend getaway. I had so much fun. Hubby and I went to Niagara Falls four years ago and it was in Fall so we did not go around much but we did see the lights at night which is spectacular. Talking about Niagara Falls that falls has a lot of power. Just by looking at the water it is raging I could not imagine a person will fall in that falls, whewww!! I really do wonder where those water came from with so much power and people flock to see it. That is why we call it wonder of the world! 



Mama Zen said…
Beautiful shots!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Amazing power in those tumbling waters. I can imagine that they would be quite loud too.
Wow, awesome shots, Kim. Fantastic waterfall.
Jim said…
A famous landmark
Niagara Falls is truly world's wonder. How I wish I can see that in the future. :-)
namaki said…
What a wild place !!!
namaki said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks for your awesome photos! I can't wait to see the wonder of the falls one day. :)
maryaustria said…
Fantastic photos! So impressive!

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