Wall Makeover

I think this winter is the longest and the coldest so far. I can only compare the last years because before there are some melting days in between the snowy days but this time none! There was a day last week the sun was up and the temperature goes up above the freezing point. Here in Michigan, we are happy for that temperature already so it melts for a little bit but then polar vortex came back and we are back to single digit temperature.
Thinking about cleaning inside the house is a struggle and hardship for me. Because when I clean the house, I like to open all the windows, sliding doors and doors and let the air from outside come in and circulate the house. Added to that I am thinking of painting the walls and put removable wall stickers at our master’s bedroom and guest room too I found wall stickers uk the most products to choose from. If you like girly stuff sticker they had so much to offer and that is not all they had everything that you can imagine that is why I decided to put sticker on walls because of the beautiful stickers. Last night I talked to my hubby and told him about my plans. Thankfully, I have a very awesome husband he agreed to my silliness and he even suggested on what I am going to put in our bedroom, so cool! Because of his very good nature I am thinking of giving a party for hubby and a retractable banner is so appropriate for his soon birthday party. Last night he told me he does not want a party at all. I understand that because he is a no social person he told me growing up he hang out with his cousin and some neighbors but most likely he is in the farm. For sure, his kids would give him a party and I would just follow. 


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