Water World Wednesday

As we all know Michigan is one state that could winter/snow/ice storm easy. The snow started to pick up since last Saturday and until now we are still accumulating snow I could not even walk it is too high. Thankfully, we have families that took care of us when time like this happened. My step son and his wife plowed our driveway yesterday and today it is amazing right? Show this photo..

To make a little bit balance here I am showing off my photos from the Philippines last year vacation.

                                                  My niece and nephew last year 2013

                 For now I am staring the two pictures and thought how awesome to be in this place for now ^_^


Jim said…
Great watery shots.
Gemma Wiseman said…
An incredible amount of snow in your world. I admire your courage in dealing with it. Great light on the water in your next photos.
We never see snow where I live so that photo is a real treat and what fun watery shots.
Happy New Year Ate Kim! I hope everything is okay there.
Very thick snow, Kim. Too cold for me!
Your niece and nephew look very relaxed. Love the clear water.
Leovi said…
Very beautiful pictures, wonderful contrast of the snow and the pool!
Wish to get back good weather soon...
Anonymous said…
Sorry it's so cold out there!Still, wishing you a happy New Year:) May the weather may blear up soon!
Anonymous said…
oops a typo: may the weather clear up soon!

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