Wall Decals

I love art. I was in grade school when I discover that I love art. I was in my art subject when we made this very colorful project that I made an ace! I do not draw nor paint but that specific activity I so love it so growing up I so wish I would meet that desire again. When I came here in the US opportunities were opened to me. Then I found out that me so love photography aside from cooking and reading that I like much. Hubby bought me a dslr camera and for the very first time I feel like a pro! I then grab my camera and practice shooting until I can say I love of what I am taking.
Then I discover wall art decals, which for the very first time I lay my eyes on this art is perfection. I am not a good decorator but I know I can do this. We have this huge wall in our living room and bedrooms and I need a lot of inspiration to makes these walls pretty. When I discover decals, I then look around the internet and found wall decals canada and wall stickers uk very amazing site if you happen to make your own decorating. Because just by browsing this site it made me, get so excited so I end up planning what to do with our huge blank walls. The website that I find wall decals is amazing because they have these special button that says, “shop by room” that is what I am looking shopping for rooms! I started to look around and find the decals I so wanted which is great to mix and match with my photos. Now I am having a ball because even hubby is also excited to share his ideas, lol!


joli post, très bon week-end - Cath.
Jack Anderson said…
Happy colors brings positive energy! The photos are great, but would look even better if they were printed on canvas from PureCanvas. I've done it before with some of my photos, and now they are the perfect decoration for my home.

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