Looking Back 2013 Part 1

I have been reading blogs about memories of 2013. I like to do it too for the first time I will do it this year. Thanks to Anni whom I got the inspiration and I am doing memory lane through photos it is much easier I think and fun ^_^

January 2013
                              We had foggy, slushy, cold winter month good to start the year huh!

February 2013
                                    One of my kid at school had this on his shirt. It is funny though.

March 2013
                                                            Attended friend's wedding
                                  This month also I went to Philippines to visit my family there.

April 2013

                                                   Went to Singapore for several days..

                               In the Philippines to get the fresh coconut wine somebody has to climb it for you.

           Some people who live along the coastline fetch their water right on the sea when it is  low tide.

                           Rooster is a common sight in the Philippines cockfighting is common there too.

                It was summer when I went to the Philippines the common pastime kids do in summer is to fly a kite. My nephew and his buddies make their own kites which is very cool. It is made from a bamboo stick and garbage bag then a long nylon or strong thread then you are set to go and have fun.

                           These building fascinates me I was at the bottom of this building looking up it is huge. Aside from that me and my friends could feel droplets from above well we found out that above is a swimming pool. My regret is not to go up and see what it looks on top of this beautiful building. If I have lots of money I would like to get a suite here I think this is a condominium.

                   They call this in Singapore Supertrees which is indeed supertrees. So happened we went to the place almost night time and they had this light show it was amazing theser supertrees change colors and it is just so beautiful!

May 2013

                                             Starting to plant seeds for my garden

                                            This time I see blossoms from our peach trees.

                                                                       My birding

June 2013

                                          This is the month when I could see again my Irises

        Another bird I like to take a shot. My pastime in winter is birding and it is very cool to see birds while our surrounding is starting to get some colors from flowers and trees.

             I planted this plant Lantana this year and hope to see more flowers next year. In the Philippines this become a shrub I wish mine do too so I could plant more. Bees likes this plant and so I thought I would plant more of this next year.


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