Pizza All The Time

     The big Football game is over we cheer for our favorite team and I prepare food a lot. The day of the football game, I was busy in the kitchen trying to cook for several dishes since some of my relatives and friends are coming over that day. However, the most requested dish of all is pizza! How I did not think about it that most of my relatives and friends loves pizza the problem is how I am going to order different kind of pizza when everyone is different. What I did I told them that since I am going to bake my own pizza it is best that I will choose the pizza I want to bake. Since I am the host, what I say is what matters most and so I did some shopping for pizza. Growing up in the Philippines pizza is not our staple food it is very rare that we buy pizza and if we did it is just for snacks not dinner food. When I got here in the US my idea about pizza get into in a  different level I later know that there is a thin pizza and a deep pizza which one is what I like best I say both of them are the best.
     I have eaten several brand of pizza’s available in the grocery store but I could say the best pizza in town is from Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with whole grain. I pick Pillsbury Pizza Crust because of the whole grain hubby, I am aiming for a healthy eating lifestyle, and Pillsbury has it. It was last football game that I taste the Pillsbury Pizza Crust so my liking with pizza does not end there. Every Friday I told hubby we are going to have pizza night and thankfully, he agrees to my idea. Pillsbury Pizza is not only in football game but also you can have it every day. Kids love it and I thought it is a great way to let the kids eat vegetables with pizza. What I like in pizza is that there is never ending idea of what toppings I like to put in. The other week I put a lot of mozzarella cheese and onions and it does taste good! By the way, to get a Pillsbury coupon visit here Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain Coupon and you can print it right away. I also encourage you friends to visit Pillsbury site, join their Pillsbury Facebook page and if you have twitter account you can tweet it here at Pillsbury Twitter Page enjoy the pizza!

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I found it quiet interesting ,Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs…

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