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     I started blogging since 2005 at that time I do not know about owning a domain. I meet friends in blogging and at the same time, I shun from people who I feel not worth it. With my talking and reading other post from some bloggers, I found out that having my own domain is important. At first, I look for a hosting site that is not expensive because I found many that are very expensive for me. I have six blogs and for them to have there own domain is not cheap. I continue to look for an affordable and I did found one. My second thought is if I could find a promo code that could slash down to my renewal fee and I did. I feel lucky at that time that I found a hosting site that is easy to navigate at the same time very affordable. Right now, I am going to renew all my blogs and I found Godaddy .Com domain renewal promo code, Godaddy .Net renewal promo code and Godaddy .Co renewal promo code very helpful to me. This morning I talk to my stepdaughter and she told me she is very interested in getting a new domain and start a new blog. She ask me if I could help her and I told her any time I would love to help her set up her new blog as well as telling her to get a new domain from Godaddy and you can click on this code too...
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