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     How is everyone doing after the Christmas day? As for me, I open many gifts and cooked a lot of food. I was not too tired because some of the food I cook them the day before so this year I was a bit relax. Tomorrow is back to work and it is about time for me to renew my subscription for my blog domain. I have six blogs and they are all in there own domain. The other day I talked to a friend and asked her about a hosting site. I asked her what hosting site she uses for her blogs and she told me she also had to look up in the internet for coupon and discounts since she also has to renew her blogs next month. This morning she called me and told me she found one site and the name is myhosting coupon. I like the idea that I can save money at the same time I can maintain my six blogs in the next year. As a blogger like me it is just right to have your own domain at the same time it is also, right to look for a great deal, like coupons or codes that hosting site offers. It is about enjoying the idea of having several blogs at the same time not spending too much money because of the coupons. So friends out there come and visit you may like what you discover there.


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