Black Friday 2012

     Black Friday 2012 is here and is you done shopping if it is not then it are time for you to go and get Target coupons and Best Buy Black Friday coupons. I am very happy of what I have this time. If it were not with a friend of mine who thought me how to hunt coupons before going to store then I would not save a lot of money. If going shopping on Black Friday is already a saving you could have more saving when you know how to find and use store coupons. I have what I wanted for now and still looking for good deals last night I told a friend to look for coupons because she has more presents to buy and her list is longer than mine. She was impressed of how much I save this morning and how many I got from budgeted money. Even if we are in this time when money is scarce, it does not mean we cannot do our shopping because coupons are there and almost all the stores have coupons available everywhere. What we only do is to find it and use it. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving dinner. May you all have what you wanted this Christmas friends.


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