Abilene Veterinary Clinic

     My brother and I were chatting last night and our topic is about our dog when we were little. We are not that little actually I think I was in high school at that time and so my brother. Our neighbor gave our dog to us and since then we fell in love with him. He grows up very beautifully and he never comes inside the house just lying at our porch. People are scared to come to our door because that is what we spotted right away a huge dog. He is much closer to my brother they are friends but then some things happened he got immediately sick and we do not know what happened in the beginning. Abilene Veterinary Clinic is a good clinic if this clinic was close to us at that time I think our dog survives. We found out later that he was poisoned by one of our neighbor a kid and my brother got mad at him. There was some kind of fight between my brother and this neighbor but our dog is already gone. A cousin of mine who know about Abilene Veterinary Clinic says we should immediately bring our dog to a veterinary at that time but we did not. Some how my brother still had a grudge to our neighbor till now but I told him that was past and we have two dogs that are so beautiful and there name are Nano and Oprah ^_^


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