Monday, October 15, 2012

Fb Cover Photos

It is Monday once again time flies so quick sometimes I am overwhelmed how fast days go by. My family in the Philippines always checks on me through Facebook and so do I. They like to see my Fb Cover Photos change all the time. They like to see me what I wore and what I did. Moreover, I too, here in Michigan the first time in the morning I check what is going on with them through Fb Cover Photos. I always had a smile every time I see my nieces change their photos and they look like an anime, lol!
For me who lives thousand miles from them Facebook is a good help for my homesickness. It is not like years ago that you waited for the snail mail to arrive and see the photos of your love ones with the snail mail. For now have to go I have to change my cover photos again.


hacker kanchan said...

Nice collection, keep it up, surely in future you will get many more responses. Today Facebook becomes a part of our life for children or even for elders, everyone enjoys it with their frineds or with their family. We can change our Facebook cover Photos as per our daily working mood. We can do that with only one mouse click.

Sameer Mishra said...

Nice Post..!!
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