At His Word

                                                           I will come and proclaim your might acts,
                                                           O Sovereign LORD; I will proclaim your 
                                                               righteousness, yours alone. Psalm 71:16 

Would anyone serve a god who is weak and easily manipulated, one without authority? You would not be serving a god at all. The God of the Bible is sovereign, the holder of ultimate authority. At his word, the heavens come into being. At his word, you came into being. He is the author, the initiator, the creator of the woman you are.

Does it surprise you to learn that God knows you so well and still loves you so much? He does! He can't be talked into changing his mind. He simply chooses to love you, and by his mighty Word, he promises that will never change. source:Moments of peace for a woman's heart

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Charlotte said…
Beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom.
kulasa said…
a photo that truly makes me reflect and pray...blessed weekend :-) Grateful to have visited your page today and got inspired to always seek refuge in Him who created everything....
Karen said…
God never changes! Thank God!!
Pamela said…
A steeple pointing to the Father. I want to praise His mighty acts!
Connie Arnold said…
Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring post. Very inspiring!
videoblog said…
So Beautiful. Congratulations!

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