Coral Reef

Summer is over and fall is here. Nonetheless, vacation at this time is not an option taken for granted we can still plan to go for a vacation no matter what season we have. The other day we were cleaning our barn and saw this aquarium stuff. I asked hubby who owns it and he told me it was his daughters stuff. I look each one of the material and they do look very true.  I love aquariums I like to see fish swimming twenty-four hours seven days. I also like to watch other species to compete the gold fish or other species. In a home aquarium, species are not too many but in those aquariums that are huge the display of species are awesome. One time we were in Florida and saw these beautiful penguins and they are so beautiful! We have here in Michigan a restaurant that has huge aquariums I like to call it wall aquariums and the fish are so beautiful they come from different colors. Some you feel they like you some you think they do not like you. It wonders me if they know that we are watching them and that we are happy to see them. It was within our conversation that they talk about coral reef aquarium and zoo aquarium. I never thought there are many names of aquarium what I do know is the plain aquarium and that is it. I remember when we visited this huge aquarium displayed are the beautiful decorations you think that you are inside. The colors are awesome and it just makes me smile and feel happy. A simple decoration that we know it is not the natural thing makes us happy what more the fish and other species see it they may think they are still in the same habitat that they used to live. I am thankful that there are people who try to make aquariums looks true or close enough to the natural thing it is an effort that comes from the heart. 


Leovi said…
It really is a very interesting, nice photo. Greetings.

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