Weekend Sky

Saturday hubby and I went to visit Fr. Solanus Casey Center in Detroit. The sky is gloomy and cloudy...

After the visit we went to Greektown in Detroit walk around and finally found a Greek restaurant.

Sunday, after attending mass hubby and I went to the thumb part of Michigan. Our plan is to see the 150 miles yard sale but ended up just driving around the water and it was fun. 

                                            A huge factory and see the sky awesome in blue!

                                At St. Claire township a park along the river. Across the river is Canada.

                                                                  Love this lighthouse.

As we are heading home I look up and saw this beautiful form of clouds. Looks like the gateway of heaven. What do you think?



Gary said…
Beautiful series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Anonymous said…
I have always wanted to see those garage sales! Detroit is looking nice today which means there is hope for us all yet!
Sally in WA said…
Great series of shots! Enjoy your weekend.
Indrani said…
Terrific captures.
The shoreline of Canada so well captured.
James Wei said…
The church looks like a light tower in Australia. Yeah, the weather is a deterrent for photographers but it did not stop you!

I love photography of region to show its charm and history.
January said…
wow ate dili jud ka mahutdan ug pictures hehe :)

Dropping by from SkyWatch Friday…Fly Little Bird
chubskulit said…
Ganda ganda naman! Visiting from Sky Watch Friday.

My Skywatch, hope you'd come and see.
Have a great weekend.
It is a beautiful cloud...yes it looks like a gateway. I love the photos of the church
eden said…
Beautiful photos. Love the lighthouse too.
Shilpa said…
Wonderful composing of pictures!
The lighthouse impresses me and lovely shot on the water front.

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