Tankless Water Heater

     Last March hubby and I went to visit his relatives in Texas. It was my third time to visit Texas and the first time I notice there, they do not have basements. I do not know if some of the houses do have basements there but many that I know of do not have one. Unlike here in Michigan, most of the houses do have basements.  I do not know before about what is in the basement I just thought it is an additional part of the. A part of the house that family could be together to watch movie or do games. However, I found out that in the basements it is where all the electric and water plumbing system are located. Water heater tanks are also there and many things that make the house function well. In Texas, it is quite different since they do not have basements they have rooms for those system. In my native country Philippines, we have tank less water heater because we also do not have basement in our house.

Many do not know the benefits of a Tankless Water Heater and here are the few:

1. No Energy wasted with Tankless Water Heater

2. Government incentives make Tankless Water Heater more affordable then ever before.

3. Correct Installation makes the difference

     Basing on my experience Tankless water heater is very easy to maintain, dependable and affordable. In this time when money is tight, we need a system like this. Therefore, when we were in Texas few months ago, that is what I notice to some of my hubby’s relatives. Plumbing in Woodlands TX is not hard to find. You can visit there website by clicking the name this days it is hard to find a good plumber. Frankly speaking, sometimes we find plumbing company that does not give good service and we end up frustrated.  Woodlands Water Heater is dependable and in time of Emergency Woodlands Plumber is there to help. Call them if you need them in no time they are there to help you.


I remember reading about these tankless water heaters, I'm not sure if it was one of your previous posts, or some other blogger was getting one....but they sound terrific.

Texas has soil that shifts, shrinks, and expands during the entire year...I think that is one reason, if not the main reason most homes have no basements.
Brenda said…
Hmm maybe a tankless water heater might be worth looking into. We had our water heater to burst and we had water all over our dinning room. Our insurance company was going to charge US money to send someone out with fans to dry it up. It soaked into the walls and everything. I'm going to check into this tankless.

Not only does the soil shift, shrink and expand, but we have much water and bayous all around. When we get BIG rains or hurricanes, we get lots of flooding. Basements are just not a good idea for southern Texas, especially.

mickey mini said…
Really it is worthy to have tank less water heaters.The main benefit is not that much cheap with less maintenance as i have installed last year and it is working well.
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Elia Lester said…
More and more people are now switching to tankless water heaters because of its numerous advantages. Tankless water heaters may not be cheap, but some of its benefits are: cheaper gas bill, it consumes less energy, and it’s also a space-saver. Though it'll cost you thousands of dollars to buy and have it installed, the benefits offsets to your monthly gas bill and it can accumulate to about $80-$100 per year, not bad right?
James devid said…
I enjoyed this writing very much and I agree with your ideas. Thank you.
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