Grease Traps

     I am thankful that hubby is working at our kitchen today even if it is too hot outside.  I was complaining for quite sometime about our drainage from our kitchen sink it is been plugged up for more than three months and sometimes I noticed it smells bad. Together with his friend, they check up all the possible causes and are still working it now. I am also guilty why our sink plugged up because I throw oil in it. Sometimes I throw peels from anything now I know it should not be.
     I was talking to a friend of mine this morning and told her about what my hubby is getting busy today. She said sometimes it takes a lot of money to fix the problem I told her I hope not. I do hope hubby could fix it because money is tight these days. I was browsing the internet, saw this copper products, and while reading what it means my eyes get big because it is about grease interceptors. I think every household and who ever is cooking in the kitchen we cannot deny that somehow we throw cooking oil in the sink. Which is a big no to do because in due time it will plugged the whole system. If only I know that, there is such thing about grease interceptors I tell my hubby about it.
     In my native country Philippines, we do not have these grease interceptors. I never know it then until this time. I thought of buying this one to send it to the Philippines but my question is do our workers in the Philippines know how to put this interceptors. Throwing anything in the sink could cause damage and in the end, it will cost a lot of money. Last two months ago while visiting my family in the Philippines  my Aunt had a problem with her septic tank and the outlet of her kitchen sink I bet it is about all those greases and garbage that are thrown and is now stuck inside. Now that I know, it is not easy to fix this kind of problem I am very cautious not to throw anything in the sink because I do not want to spend money to fix it. 


I do the same with my sink...but I will stop it now. It does cost money to fix. Glad your husband can do these repairs:)
mabuti na rin iyong busy kaysa walang ginagawa...kakaantok,hehe...

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