Target Coupon

     Today hubby and I went shopping. I found out yesterday while doing my laundry that hubby does not have any more good jeans. I told him to spare some blue jeans for going out and not to wear it while working in the barn or in the yard or cutting hays! Well he is sometimes stubborn he wore it he came home dirty that is when I discover he does not any good blue jeans. We love Target and it is the only store that he found his favorite brand. He had an odd waistline measurement and when he found that jeans at Target; he knew right away it is his kind of store. He was surprise when I pick five jeans for him he says he need only two but I told him I have a Target coupon and he does not have to worry about it. The next-door store is an electronic store few months ago, I want to buy a laptop but could not figure out what brand. Yesterday, I had an Apple promo code and I am so happy because it saves me a lot of money for a good brand. 
     Sometimes, we have to wait for a right timing to find a good coupon, which I do it all the time. I do not jump right away I have to wait for a right timing. One thing that I am looking for now is Geek Toys my nephew ask me these stuffs when I was in the Philippines last May. I told him to wait for a while because I know I could buy it cheap and with a lot of discount. We are in the middle of the year and shopping for Christmas gifts is rolling already. I like to shop when not everything is in chaos so I could find the right stuff. Added to that, I could also get coupons or codes ahead of time and savings is fun.


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