Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sailor Anime

     Growing up I saw my mother collecting figurines of course I was young at that time I do not have any idea why I wanted to play with it but my mother reprimanded us not to touch it. We just looked at those pretty figurines and wish we could play it. We have toys growing up but sometimes those things that our parents say no touch are the ones that we wanted to touch. 
     I was already working in the 90’s when I start collecting figurines. I did understand why my mother collects her figurines because she likes it. I often stares my collection and do not like somebody to touch it since I know right away if somebody touch it because it is not align. I still have my collection but do not buy anything for me instead; I buy for my nieces and nephew. What they are up to these days is animes. At first I did not know what it was until they showed me how it looks and what it is. They even have a name the same as to their favorite anime. One anime that they like is sailor moon and in fairness, I like it too. My nieces ask me to buy for them a sailor moon costume. I told them Halloween is a bit far but they insist I have to buy it now or I may not find a size for them. My nieces and nephew knows how to push me they think I always give them the opportunity to win all the time ha-ha. I look at the anime figures store and I find plenty of good stuff, which in honesty I like the stuff I see in the site. I know I am old in collecting this kind of stuff but I like it and I might give this to my nieces and nephew this coming Christmas as a present for them. It is nice to get a link cosplay costume because you know what is new in the store. Fortunately, I do not have any problem in what to buy for them this Halloween and Christmas I just did found out what I give to them and they will have a heck a lot of fun. 

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We're same big fan of sailor moon. My mother same as your mother are also collecting different kinds of accessories and gadget’s with a big logo or icon of sailor moon. It’s funny because sometimes I think she is younger that me by collecting that kind of Anime accessories. Until right now my mother want me to collect it.


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