Up There

By now I am heading Philippines. I appreciate your visit and rest assure I will visit back as soon as I am in my hometown. Here is my other tulip photo..

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Happy Blue Monday!
Greetings from Australia♥
Luna Miranda said…
safe travels, Kim. have fun and enjoy your vacation.
Jessica Cassidy said…
beautiful tulips Sis KM :-) have a wonderful trip to the Philippines :-) We are going their too very soon, cannot wait :-) Returning from BM
SmilingSally said…
Thanks for sharing your blues. Have a fun, safe trip.

Happy Blue Monday, Kim.
Wow, it's surely nice to be in home town again.
chubskulit said…
Super ganda! Wala nyan dito ate. Blue Eggs, have a great week ahead!
HansHB said…
Great post with nice photos!
Happy BM to you!
Ms. Burrito said…
Wow, such a pretty field!

Yellow Hats, please come and see.
Amber said…
Beautiful flowers!!!
emzkie said…
beautiful shot of the tulips Kim! have a great trip! visit from Blue Monday

Anonymous said…
greeting from MYM beautiful flowers.
Cafe au lait said…
Beautiful pics!

Late visit for MYM. I played too. Mine are here and here.
subbu said…
Gorgeous photos! The tulips are so lovely.

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