Red for Corvette

Corvettes are one of the sought after car in the completely wide world. As far as hubby’s explanation to me, it rides well and it speaks elegance. The first time I rode corvette was five years ago and the experienced left a very good imprint of my mind. My stepson owned the corvette. It so happen when hubby and I visit him his corvette was a week old. When he showed us the car I am very impressed the color is red. Which is my favorite color and then he let me seat behind the wheel. Of course, I just seat there for few minutes and imagining how it feels to drive a corvette. Later in the afternoon, he allows his dad to drive the car and that is my first time to ride a corvette.
In there conversation he told us that looking for a fine Corvettes is not hard to find. Some had a hard time looking for vintage Corvettes because they have not found the site and online website. My hubbys son found his online and then he went to the place and looks the car personally. With a price tag that go with the car, anybody should see it in person before buying it and that is what my stepson did. Because one thing for sure if a Corvette owner want to find a Corvette caps it is easy to look for this since he know the place where to look. My birthday is coming very soon and so mothers day a Corvette gifts is not bad enough, ha-ha! There is nothing wrong to dream big because dream could come true sometimes.


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