Gaston Castens

I like browsing in the internet sometimes you stumbled articles that you do not know about. The other day  I was browsing the state of Florida because we here in Michigan is already experiencing bitter cold and the sound of Florida is a music of our ears.  Then I found this site of Florida House of Representatives and it is the picture of Gaston Cantens. I do not know him but he is the Representative of District 114. I like reading biographical information of people and I read his biographical Gaston Cantens is a lawyer, a resident in Miami has three children and married to his wife Ana. He got his education from University of Miami and St Thomas University School of Law.  He was born October 24 in Miami, Florida. In addition, he is a Catholic and is interested in biking and jogging. For me this simple stuff could tell a person. However, if you are a voter you should know more of the person’s capacities, abilities and his sponsored bills, right? For me there is nothing wrong in knowing more of your representative it is everyone’s responsibility.


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