Nixon For You

     We left Texas last two days ago. We did not push hard to be home early hubby and I like to see the beautiful states along the way.  I now believe in Texas everything is huge. We have been traveling for a day and still we are in Texas. What is funny is that there is no dull moment as we travel the landscape of Texas is different from all the states that I have been to.
     It does apply to watches too. I have found out that the newest craze in town is the Nixon Time Teller Watches and Nixon Player Watch. Where do I know this? Well I have known these watches when we visited one of the nephews of my hubby. It happens that my hubby’s nephew has two boys and one girl. They are all in grade school and as we; all know kids are very up to date with new trends.  I cannot even keep up with the newest phone or TV and we do not have a flat screen TV yet, and now they are talking about a new flat screen. When I learn about it, I was laughing for the fact that we do not have a flat screen TV. However, we like to get a new one but our old TV’s are still doing well. Just like what happened to watches now days. So many of them come out and every one is unique and beautiful. I know of one person who likes to collect watches and it is my brother, nephew and niece. They all like watches does not matter what brand or what kind as long as they like the watch they like to have it. What makes it funny when there is a new trend of watches they all ask me to buy it for them? At first, I just laugh and do not like to listen but they know at the end I will give it to them that I like spoiling them anyway. These new watches, which I have seen in Texas, are cool. It has many design and color. It is not for men only it has also for women. I have seen in there website a pink one and what came to my mind is to give it to my nieces. 
     Father’s day is coming fast and sooner than later people are anxious what to get for their hubby, father, brother, nephew or friend. One thing I like to advice is to get a new watch for your loved ones. Watch is for me the most attractive piece men like and with Nixon watches, nothing could ever be wrong. 


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