Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lia Sophia

I love jewelries. I know not all women love jewelries but I guess it is 95% love jewelries though. When I arrive here in the US, I found one jewelry line that amazes me and that is Lia Sophia. A friend mine wore it from a party. I asked her where she gets those jewelries she said she sold it. It does not take look for her to gather a bunch of friends because the next week she invites us to go to her house and have a Lia Sophia party. My jaw drop when I saw all the jewelries. It does not take me long to like them and try to choose which one I would buy. At the end, I bought two jewelries from the party, which until now I am still using.


S.N.Hijaab said...

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Sabine said...

I love jewelry. You should wear it. It's much too sad if he remains in the jewelry box.
Many greetings from Germany send