Hopefully this year I would visit  my native country Philippines. Not far from my hometown is a Zip-Line. In the sign it says the longest and highest zip-line in Asia. Pondering if I would try to ride....I came to a conclusion I might as well try this one and conquer my fear of all the what IF's in my mind, but  I also have the right to be a chicken when I get there, right? Hehehehe! What you think?

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Jim said…
Interesting. In Australia a Zipline is called a Flying Fox, which is actually the name of a Bat.
Lesley said…
This seems a dramatic way of conquering a fear! But go for it.
Andy said…
Your kids look look so sad. Did you tell them they can't go on the zip line? :-)
Genie said…
I rode one WAY UP HIGH through a forest in Costa Rica. But, since I was in my late 60’s, the guides would NOT let me do it alone. I held onto one of them as we would go from tree to tree through the canopy. It was the ride oaf a lifetime. I also went white water rafting - hard core rapids - and did it all alone...only with the one guy up front. None of the men on the trip would do either one. Boy, did they miss out. You go and do it, girl. You will be so proud of yourself after it is over. genie

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