My sign's for this week

Looks true to me ^_^

Oh oh!

Yah right ^_^

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Pat said…
Like my husband says, "When you are retired, EVERY day is Saturday except Sunday!"
Lindy MacDuff said…
You've found more great classics! ;-)
Luna Miranda said…
I used to love Fridays when i was "working". now that i am semi-retired, Monday is my favorite day.:p
Clytie said…
Love these signs! My fave is the "this is the other door". It made me smile out loud!
Genie said…
That “door” signage really does take the blue ribbon this week. It is so cool and different. I am ALWAYS picking the wrong door no matter how many times I have been to that store. I really could use one of these on the places I frequent on a regular basis. Blame it on old age...that is what I blame everything on. genie
Joyful said…
Great cartoons and signs. I chuckled out loud esp. at the door signage as I've often had troubles getting the "right" door open, lol.
Lesley said…
Love the door sign - it is fun to watch people look confused when they see a sign that says use other door!!

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