Set Your Mood

Do you have a good Christmas vacation? I think most of us are happy and contented of what we have received last Christmas. Before Christmas, everybody was in a hurry to do shopping or last minute shopping discounted sales are everywhere and everybody wants every piece of it. Added to the excitement are the party invitations every weekend. Hubby’s family is big, every weekend is a party, and I have friends party to attend. I told hubby that I can go to at least two parties and that is it. I noticed in one party that we went to they had the Party enhancers it smells so good it does really sets the mood. Not all know that aroma could set our mood. K6 herbal incense and Spiritual powders can set our mood in every level. My stepdaughter gave us incense that right now I am using it when it gets dreary or gloomy outside. So for you friends out there remember aroma or scents could set our mood do not waste your time not in a good mood. 


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