Quarry Area

We passed these quarry going to Caseville, Michigan last Sunday. These place is huge and I think they've been quarrying here for years. 

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imriz said…
my first time seeing a quarry site in the US :) i'm sure katakot takot ang papers nyan to operate. While here, very lax ang batas natin sa mga ganyan like sa mining, kaya ayun, may compostela event na nman, hayzzz
Luna Miranda said…
great shots, Kim. i see quarry sites in Rizal, and they're within the vicinity of subdivisions.

@ imriz, i wonder when would people learn.
Great and unusual scene...kinda like something out of the SciFi era. Love it.

Anonymous said…
An interesting look in to a place most of us would never see. My grandfather worked in a quarry that is still in use today. An endless supply I guess.
chubskulit said…
The water looks very clean ate!

Watery Post Come see it when you get a chance. Thanks!
Seeing this photograph reminds me of Fred Flintstone and his sidekick Barney Rubble. What a TV show! Nice job on the photos.
Joyce M
Great shots...nice to see them
Faye said…
Does the quarry rock give the water this wonderful blue shade? I once saw a lake that was fed by glacial waters and it was a kind of milky blue from the glacier rock. Love your choice of such an unusual subject.
clear blue in that quarry..nice pix!
kulasa said…
beautiful capture,
Ann said…
what were they mining? Gold, would be great for Detroit's dying car industry.
imriz said…
i wouldn't know for sure. funds were wasted by our so-called "distinguished" "your honors" in the House.

(hi, manang kim...im back here ^_^)

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